Self-Funded Group Health Insurance Quiz

Welcome to our Self-Funded Group Health Insurance quiz! More U.S. employers are finding that switching to a self-funded group health plan makes good financial sense. Take our quiz to see if your company might be a good fit. The correct answers will reveal themselves after you fill out our short form and click the submit button.

Few U.S. companies have gone the self-funded route for their group health plans.

Self-funded group health plans offer a more limited range of services and benefits as a way of controlling cost.

Self-funded group health plans protect employers from high-dollar claims.

Getting your hands on pricing and claims data is much easier in a fully-insured group health plan.

Cash management becomes more important for self-funded group health plans.

Companies with self-funded plans assume all the required administrative work.

Thank you for taking our quiz! Click here to learn more about making the shift to a self-funded plan. To reveal the answers, fill out our short form below and click on the submit button.

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