Risk Management

Strategies for a safe landing.

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A hands-on approach to identify your risks.

The Mahoney Group’s approach to risk management is based on collaboration, training and open communication.

We are firm believers in the idea that providing safety education and training to our clients on an ongoing basis maximizes the effectiveness of your risk management department, corporate team and employees.

That, in turn, allows insurers to view you as a better, lower risk and gives them the confidence they need to offer you the most competitive rates in the marketplace.

Close-up at "Stop work if unsafe" sign label on back of reflective vest which is wear by a lifting signaler worker. Safety conception photo for heavy industry operation.

Our Risk Management Center

Help protect your company using our Risk Management Center, a unique online platform filled with safety and risk management tools to empower your organization's risk prevention efforts. Easy to access and use, our Risk Management Center is a cost-effective risk-reduction and safety training resource for your entire organization.

Your Total Cost of Risk

It's a concept everyone in your C-suite needs to understand: Your company's Total Cost of Risk, or TCOR, is an important risk management concept that considers much more than what you pay in premiums, deductibles and uninsured losses every year.

Think about the indirect costs vs. losses associated with an accident or incident. We're talking about down time, damaged equipment, overtime, unhappy customers, and the damage to your reputation. These costs can easily outstrip the cost of the loss itself.

There are no crystal balls. But our risk management team can provide you with the tools to lower your TCOR and, ultimately, help you build the confidence to face whatever lies ahead.

Data Analysis

Data analysis can help you manage and reduce your claims. By analyzing your losses, we can help you develop loss control plans that will focus on areas with the highest potential to reduce direct and indirect costs, reduce injuries, reduce administrative time, and reduce the risk of loss.

Education and Training

Our onsite risk management and employee seminars are designed to help you increase safety and reduce losses, while providing you with a training and team-building opportunity.


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The Mahoney Group Core Values


We serve our employees, clients and business partners with a servant's heart.


We deliver solutions that bring value and protection to the clients we serve.


We are accountable to each other, our clients and business partners. You can rely on us to always do the right thing.

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