Real Estate Insurance

The Peace of Mind Knowing Your Empire is Protected.

Real Estate Insurance

If you own Property, The Mahoney Group has solutions!

The Mahoney Group has been serving the Real Estate industry for over 100 years.  We understand how freeing it feels knowing you’ve chosen the right insurance broker who can help you protect your property.

The following is a sampling of the Real Estate Industry areas in which we specialize:

Apartment Complex Insurance

Apartment Insurance runs deep in our DNA at The Mahoney Group. We own and manage a proprietary “A” rated National insurance Program created specifically for apartment owners. In addition, we represent most if not all of the insurance carriers that offer top insurance protection at an affordable cost.  Our team considers all aspects of your portfolio during the placement of your insurance protection, including but not limited to; lender requirements, geographic spread of risk, deductible considerations, loss contingency plans, etc.

Home Rental Insurance

The Mahoney Group has been providing comprehensive insurance solutions for Residential Real Estate Investors Since 2012. We have created a proprietary insurance protection program that offers a customized packaged policy designed for the unique needs of the Residential Home Rental industry. Catered to Residential Real Estate Investors across the United States, the Single Family Dwelling Program offers solutions for Investment Property Owners, Property Managers, 1-8 Unit Dwellings, and Associations.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Not all commercial properties are created equal. Unique factors such as occupancy, type of construction, tenant operations, and building dimensions help determine your insurance protection placement needs. The Mahoney Group’s property specialists work with you to build insurance protection for your commercial property that best suits your needs and risk tolerance.

Property Management/Managers Insurance

Managing Property has its own diverse set of challenges. With your help, we can not only build master insurance protection policies for your clients with one common date, but we can also help evaluate your corporate exposures to provide solutions to risks associated with the managing of real estate portfolios. The Mahoney group has developed insurance protection designed to serve you in the event of a loss while considering the importance of your business relationships with your property owners.

HOA & Condo Owner Insurance

Homeowner Associations carry a unique risk profile and are different than many types of real estate.  You have owners, tenants, board members and many other factors to consider when making insurance protection buying decisions. We present options to the Board and/or Managers so they can make informed decisions on protecting all parties involved. With your help, we review and consider your CC&R’s to craft an insurance protection placement providing structured coverages, cost savings options, and services designed for you and your communities.

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