Cyber Security Insurance

Attacks are often invisible. Cyber Crime Insurance should be obvious.

One size definitely does not fit all. The Mahoney Group provides you with risk control solutions tailored to your company's unique and specific needs. To support your safety program initiatives and to control losses, we can provide access to a host of materials including:

  • Hundreds of safety materials, including employee safety handbooks, formal workplace programs, and educational materials for employees.
  • Workplace safety checklists designed to help you audit your safety procedures and practices quickly and easily.
  • OSHA compliance reference, training and presentation materials to support your compliance needs.
  • Workers’ compensation materials to help you control your mod and reduce lost-time injury rates.
  • Employer- and employee-specific safety education materials.
  • Ergonomics tools to reduce lost time injuries and keep employees healthy.
  • Safety committee resources.
  • Risk management and coverage insights.
  • Certificate of insurance request resources.
  • Claims cost containment forms and resources.

Cyber Security & Privacy Insurance

What does a cyber insurance policy cover? Cyber Insurance typically covers your organization's liability for a data breach involving sensitive client information. Cyber insurance can also be used to protect against damages to your business from internet-based risks.  We can explain everything from cyber insurance coverage limits and show you cyber insurance policy samples so you can better understand how the coverage works.

News & Insights

Articles, Case Studies, Special Reports and more to help you protect your business, your employees and your personal assets.

Finding the Right Cybersecurity Policy for Your Business

Whether they were Russian or Iranian or Martian, the hackers were very, very good. For months, they lurked ...

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