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Strategy & Capabilities

The increasing challenges to control health care costs has never been more demanding. Instead of settling for present circumstances, The Mahoney Group has advanced past the narrative to help companies improve benefits and drive results.  We will share strategies to reduce healthcare costs for your company.

Selecting benefits for your employees is one of the most important decisions you will make. This decision will involve balancing the total cost for each plan, along with other features, such as access to providers and facilities, pharmacy services, and special programs for managing specific medical conditions. Choosing The Mahoney Group ensures your company will receive the benefits and services that matter to your company and employees.

Small Employers

Health insurance has become complicated, expensive, and for many small businesses, affordability can be a challenge. The Mahoney Group pays attention to the needs of small business owners in our communities.  We understand that cost plays an important role in your benefits offering, but now more than ever a company needs a medical plan for their employees that is innovative and striving to control costs.

Large Employers

As a large employer, the financial responsibility of providing health care benefits for your employees and spending hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars a year on healthcare. When it comes to self-funded medical plans, The Mahoney Group will help you optimize your benefit costs and save money without compromising value.

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