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Pollution & Environmantal Impact Liability Insurance

Pollution liability insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect businesses from financial losses resulting from environmental pollution or contamination. This can include a wide range of risks, such as accidental spills, leaks, or releases of pollutants, as well as environmental damage caused by the business's operations.

Pollution liability insurance policies typically provide coverage for a variety of expenses associated with environmental pollution or contamination, including the cost of cleanup and remediation, as well as legal defense costs, fines, and penalties. The policy may also provide coverage for liability claims and lawsuits resulting from environmental damage caused by the business.

Pollution liability insurance is important for businesses that operate in industries where environmental pollution or contamination is a risk, such as manufacturing, construction, and transportation. Without this type of coverage, businesses may be exposed to significant financial losses and liabilities resulting from environmental pollution or contamination.

In recent years, insurers have attempted to introduce strict exclusionary language into these policies, making it necessary for business owners to seek coverage under separate "environmental impairment liability" policies.

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