6 Ways Employers Can Enhance Workplace Safety

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June was National Safety Month, but you probably won’t be surprised to hear we think safety awareness should be an ongoing priority every month of the year.

If you have a risk manager on your payroll (or work with an insurance brokerage that provides risk management services), they’ll tell you that safety awareness is the cornerstone of an effective safety program. But while having safety policies in place is crucial, that doesn’t guarantee employees will pay attention to the rules. You need to promote safety awareness if you want to make it clear that your employees’ wellbeing really matters.

When it comes to workplace safety, you need to promote safety awareness if you want to make it clear that your employees’ wellbeing matters.

Promoting Workplace Safety Awareness

There are any number of ways employers can promote safety awareness in the workplace, increasing the likelihood of compliance and reducing the possibility of accidents. Here are six:

  1. Be a safety champion. So, let’s get one thing straight – safety starts at the top. If the boss doesn’t give two hoots about safety, why should anyone else? So, if you’re a leader, remember: you set the pace. Invest in safety training, equipment, and show the team how it’s done.
  2. Expectations? Make them crystal clear. It’s a simple fact of life: people need to know what’s expected of them. And the same goes for safety. Let your team know what’s up with safety practices and set some goals. Transparency is key.
  3. Provide them with the right safety equipment. Equip your workplace with appropriate safety equipment and personal protective gear relevant to your industry. This may include items such as safety goggles, gloves, helmets, ear protection, or high-visibility vests. Train employees on the proper use and maintenance of safety equipment, and regularly check their availability and functionality. But remember, no one likes being told what to do, especially if they don’t understand why. So get your crew in on the act. Let them be a part of developing safety rules. After all, they’re the ones on the frontline every day.
  4. Keep the safety training juices flowing. Safety training isn’t a one-off deal. Your Safety Talks need to be routine. Make them fun and engaging, keep the team involved and updated. And hey, maybe throw in a bit of real-time praise when someone is seen following safety rules. Everyone likes a pat on the back, right?
  5. Safety walkarounds. Just like your grandma used to say, cleanliness is next to godliness. In this case, a clean jobsite is a safe jobsite. Regular inspections to spot any potential hazards keep everyone on their toes.
  6. Regularly review and update policies. Safety regulations and best practices evolve over time. Stay up-to-date with industry standards, governmental regulations, and technology advances that enhance workplace safety. Regularly review and update your safety policies and procedures accordingly. This ensures that your workplace remains compliant and that your employees benefit from the latest safety practices.

Workplace safety doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of careful planning, policy implementation, ongoing training, and daily commitment by all employees. The outcome is not just a safer workplace, but also higher productivity, increased employee morale, fewer injuries and claims, and a stronger bottom line.

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