A Career Where Learning is Possible Every Day

It didn’t take long for Morgan Scott to see that the myth about insurance was just that, a fiction far from reality.

Rather than routine, the insurance world, she will tell you, offers something new to learn practically every day. “The variety of it is just great,” Morgan says. “Something different seems to pop up all the time, whether it’s about insurance or our clients and their work.”

Morgan, the VP of Client Services at The Mahoney Group, was working as a checkout clerk at a supermarket chain while in college when she was introduced to insurance. “A woman in my line told me she liked my customer-service skills and urged me to apply to a job at the local office of a national brokerage.”

She did just that, landed the job and worked part-time until finishing school. She joined The Mahoney Group in 2010 after graduating with a degree in Business Management from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Her first role at TMG was as a trainee, assigned to helping other customer service representatives and account managers wherever she was needed. “I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take so I floated for a time,” Morgan says.

Her path became clear after she began to work with one of the firm’s partners, an insurance advisor whose client list includes large real estate ownership groups, construction firms and more. Morgan eventually became a key team member serving some of the largest clients in The Mahoney Group.

“That partner kind of took a leap of faith on me,” Morgan says, “and is really the reason I’ve enjoyed so much success here.”

There are plenty of career opportunities at The Mahoney Group, she said, as well as a new career development and training program that is designed to help those with the ambition to move into bigger roles with greater responsibilities.

“I love the culture and the people here. It’s corporate but not corporate, if you know what I mean. You get the tools you need and the chance to do your thing; we’re not micro-managed and everyone just wants everyone else to succeed.

“It’s pretty great!”

Morgan and her husband, a firefighter/paramedic, live in Prescott with their three children.

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