Directors & Officers Guide for Private Companies

The executives and business leaders who serve as the directors and officers of your company can be (and are often) sued for breach of their corporate duties.

If yours is a publicly traded corporation, the plaintiffs may be shareholders who decide to file a lawsuit alleging they have been harmed financially by negligent management of the corporation.

Or they might be employees, customers or even clients of a private company.

Indeed, more than half of all D&O claimants are not public-company stockholders, underscoring that smaller businesses need D&O just as much as large, deep-pocketed corporations.

These lawsuits are expensive to defend and potentially expose the defendants to significant personal liability.

That’s where Directors and Officers Liability insurance steps in, indemnifying both the individual directors and officers and the corporation itself. D&O policies cover legal fees, settlements and other costs.

Although developed to meet the needs of the largest corporations, the growth of claims against all corporations has created a need for D&O coverage for entities of all sizes.

Don't leave your personal and professional reputation at risk.

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Our Guide to D&O Insurance for Private Companies can be found by clicking here.

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